Public and private parking operators are realizing the benefits of multi-space pay stations: increased revenue, reduced operational costs, and superior customer service, to name just a few. Consumers also enjoy the added convenience, diverse payment options, and ease of use provided by pay stations. LUKE II is a highly secure, flexible parking pay station designed for on- and off-street deployments. LUKE II fulfills customer service expectations and delivers superior performance and significant contributions to operators’ top and bottom line.

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LUKE II Features for Consumers

  • Range of convenient payment options, such as coins, bills, credit cards, smart cards, value cards, campus cards, Pay-by-Phone, and even coupons
  • Contactless payments, such as MasterCard PayPass, for rapid parking transactions
  • Large color screen that is easy to read
  • Prompts in multiple languages
  • Ability to receive parking expiry reminders and extend time via mobile phone using the integrated Extend-by-Phone service  
  • Coin escrow refunds consumers’ money upon a cancelled transaction
  • 38-key full alphanumeric keypad for easy license plate entry
  • Easily recognizable design identifies LUKE II to consumers as a parking pay station

LUKE II Features for Parking Operators

  • Separate maintenance and collection compartments for enhanced security
  • Theft-resistant design to protect coins, bills, and internal components
  • Enhanced locking mechanism and electronic lock support for added security
  • PCI compliant and PCI-DSS validated system ensures credit card data security
  • Pay-and-Display, Pay-by-Space, and Pay-by-License Plate on the same pay station
  • Remote configuration of rates and policies saves time and money
  • Integration with leading parking technology partners for a complete solution
  • Flexible rate structures, diverse payment options, and the elimination of ‘piggybacking’ can enable up to an 80 percent increase in revenue
  • Reduced maintenance and collections costs
  • Real-time credit card processing to reduce processing fees and eliminate bad debt
  • Real-time reporting and alarming
  • Complete audit trail and rich analytics

Available in Solar or AC power configurations.

Available in a variety of colors.

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